Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sports Blog

Alright guys so as of today, March 23rd, the Chicago Bulls have taken the top seat in the Eastern Conference. . The Heat continues to struggle with problems finishing games and have recently been collapsing in the fourth quarter. The NY Knicks are currently in 7th spot for the Eastern Conference and are struggling as well as the Heat. Recently in a lost to the Boston Celtics the NY Knicks were out scored 33 to 17 in the fourth quarter. Things not looking good in the Eastern Conference.

Now for the Western Conference. The Lakers look to three-peat as they're currently on a 12-1 winning streak since the All-Star break and have been performing at there usual playoff level. San Antonio is currently first in the Western Conference but during a game against the Charlotte Bobcats Tim Duncan apparently landed on his ankle oddly and had to leave the remainder of the game. Since then the Spurs have only released that Tim Duncan will have to miss a few weeks but should be back for the playoffs. And the last time i'm going to talk about from the Western Conference is the Denver Nuggets. Since the trade between the Nuggets and Knicks people all thought that the Knicks got the 'good' side of the deal, well the Nuggets are currently ten and four since the trade while the knicks are six of six. Thus meaning that the Nuggets are actually doing better without Carmelo Anthony. So to the Nuggets I say congratz. Anyways thanks for listening as always.

PS: Added a clip of Derrick Rose highlights of this year, man what a great player he is turning out to be. Perhaps the next Jordan? The kid is ranking in top 10 on points and assist.