Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big Basketball games today!

Alright guys its Sunday and what better to do on your Sunday then watch sports? We have two great match ups today between top Eastern Conference teams and top Western Conference teams.

Game 1 we have Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls competing against there rival for the top spot in the Eastern Conference, The Miami Heat. The Miami Heats star Lebron James has been battling Derrick Rose all year for the Most Valuable Player(MVP) of the year award. This game could possibly be the deciding factor between who goes home with that title. Check it out today on ABC at 1 PM ET.

In Game 2 we have Kobe Bryant and the two time defending champions the Los Angeles Lakers versus the Current top spot in the Western Conference and perhaps the best Spur team the NBA has ever seen. The Lakers have been playing amazing since the All Star Break, but can they really beat a team as good as the Spurs? Check it all out today on ABC at 3:30  PM ET.

PS: For all you Europeans out there I will broadcast the results of the games after they're over on my blog in tonights post, so check it out!


  1. I, personally, cant wait for game 2!

  2. Oh man I can't believe its already basketball season. Time flies so fast!

  3. Cool, I'll check your blog later on then

  4. Gon' be a good day, fuck Kobe though.

  5. Looking forward to Game 2 as well, should be quite the show